zest incorporation


Discover Zest 

Established in 2012,  Zest Inc. is an ethical and socially conscious factory that provides more than just cut & sew service. We particularly pride ourselves in the following areas:

Broad and comprehensive knowledge in product development. We develop a product from a
concept to a market ready sample.

We provide pattern making services, our in house pattern makers
develop patterns from sketches, photos or existing garments.

We have our own cutting room in the facility. We can cut thousands of units and save on
fabric consumption.

We provide grading & marking services. We can determine grade rule for your
company by creating sizing specific to your target market.

Experience in women's and children's wear.

Handle both woven and knitted garments. Experience with printing on silk, cotton,
modal and other blends.

We are proud to have relations with our sub contractors to help clients emerge with
complete products. This includes sources for printing, embroidery, dye houses,
forwarders, brokers, label and hangtag printers.

Capacity to produce up to 10000 units per style.

100% inspection of all products we make.

No minimum per order. We cater to the needs of the customer and be upfront with
all the cost involved.

No child labor.

Fair wages and ethical business practices.

High-Tech friendly. We believe in smart use of technology beneficial to all.
We link commerce, culture and design very well.